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Case Study

Tensile Canopy Canteen/ Cafeteria / Club area - Mumbai Maharashtra.

Tensile Roof Structure for Cafeteria
Tensile Flanges
Tubular ERW Pipes
Lightweight Fabric Tensile Structure
Tensile Membrane Structures for Roof
Tensile Fabric Canopy
Project Engineer Aakruti Tenso structures & Fa�ade Pvt. Ltd.
Client Sunshine Developers, Mumbai.
Date/month of installation Mar-12
Requirement Terrace top Cafetoria for BPO staff
Size 315 Sq. Mt.
Span overall span 25 mt. X 40 mt.
Architectural Design New Arch Designs.
Fabrication By our team of enginners & craftmen
Installation In-house team from Aakruti Tenso structures

The Tower located at central Business district in Mumbai (lower Parel- world), is unique all steel structure Fabricated in Imported Tubular members imported from Japan. It has Roof Top cafeteria for its employees of member companies.

As it is most happening commercial hub in the town, the property prices are really steep. The Tower has comparatively small floor plate size. The space is designed for BPO, multi- nationals to operate almost independently.


The tower has attached car parking building, 6 levels tall ending with a 4000 sq. ft. Terrace. The Landscape Architect, Mr. Hrishikesh Phadke M. Arch from New Arch Designs has proposed Tensile Canopies for the semi open cafeteria & meeting joint. He has proposed series of inter connected cones spaced jiggered keeping orientation constant along one axis.

The steel structure was proposed to be Square section ERW pipes of constant dimension immaterial of cone size, keeping overall geometry constant.


Challenge was to transport steel members to the Balcony as the whole building was in finished condition, with Tower crane removed & no space around the building to arrange for a heavy duty hoist.


In all series( seven) of Interconnected Tensile fabric cones having total Developed Area of 4000 sq. ft.

Design /Analysis/ solution

We, after FEM analysis in software following German codes for generating wind co-efficient, with wind pressure factored for distance from sea level, topography, & surface roughness, For the largest fabric structure of 8 Mtr. X 8 Mtr. the beam size with the worst load case was calculated to be 150 X 150 X 6 mm sq. ERW hollow section.

Primary Structure

For uniformity all the structural members for all the canopies were selected to be 150 X 150 X 6 mm. The material were transported through ramp up to 5th level & then to 6th level manually one at a time.

The Fixed edged cones with the bell Ring at centre supported on 4 Radial Trusses each fabricated from 155 Dia. class C pipes with a central junction box. Again the mast supporting the Bell ring is made adjustable in height for pre- Tensioning & ease of installation. Care was taken, so that the tensile Fabric does not touch the Radial stresses at all so that geometry is not disturbed.

Fabric details

The Ferrari 902 S 2 , Type2 PVC coated fabric was patterned Radically in all 32 parts/ 24 parts, depending on the size of the cone. To absorb higher stresses towards the Ring center the fabric was reinforced with another layer of 902S membrane patterned in floral shape.

For fixing the fabric edges to structural members, Stainless steel 6 mm strips were used in combination with Neoprene rubber Gaskets.


As the Tensile Canopy structure located in Mumbai, Maharashtra was divided in 7 small parts, installation & subsequent pre -Tensioning was an easy affair. The Tensile fabric installation process was accomplished in 6 working days.

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