Case Study
Jain Deravashi Sangh Trust
Tensile Fabric Structures
Tensile Membrane Structures
Tensile Façade Structures
Project Engineer Aakruti Tenso structures & Façade Pvt. Ltd.
Client Jain Deravashi Sangh Trust
Date/Month of Installation Jul-12
Requirement To cover open Area available behind the temple building for various community functions
Size 5200 sq. ft. floor Area
Span 52 feet X 100 feet
Design Aakruti Tenso structures & Façade Pvt. Ltd.
Fabrication By our team of enginners & craftmen
Installation Inhouse team from Aakruti Tenso structures

A Jain community temple (derasar) in Ghatkopar, Mumbai with open space of about 6000 sq. Ft. which is utilised every year for 'Chaturmas' festivals in monsoon by having temporary tarpaulin covering, & for various religious functions round the year.

Every time a temporary shade would be created, & subsequently dismantled.

Lots of resources were wasted in Artificial lighting as the temporary structure would block the natural light fully.

So the need or requirement was to keep the feeling of open ness at the same time protect against the climate( Rain/ heat) , maintaining natural light, .


To maintain Architectural harmony with Temple Architecture which is strictly followed as per specifications mentioned in Jain religious literature, as well as serve as functional roof. The area to be covered being just adjacenyt to existing temple structure , which cannot be used for structural support, digging foundation was a challenge. A bigger challenge was to connect the 2 structure seamlessly ensuring water tightness all the time.


The area , which was open about 5200 sq. Ft., measuring 52' X 100'approx


After exploring various alternatives in other media like metal roofing, polycarbonate roofing sheets, Fabric, conventional Tarpolin etc., also keeping in mind strong legal consideration to construct a covering for an open area within the law,

To a lay men, Fabric structure usually would mean a Awning or canopy one see outside commercial shops. With growing presence of Fabric (Tensile)structures in Airport, stadiums, malls etc. With little visualisation support, ( Presentations involving Form finding) the client agreed to explore the Tensile fabric structure for various possibilities

Initially series of 3 cones as the possible design form was taken up, but as the central cone directly clashed with the temple 'Shikhar' or dome. Also area being rectangular, with more or less suitable aspect ratio , twin cone idea was finalised.

For selcting suitable fabric roofing material, a quick cost /Utility analysis between PVC coated fabric & PTFE high tensile fabric , considering the expected life span, cost, climate, boundry conditions , PVC coated fabric from Ferrari 902 S (Type 2) was selected.

The Rain water had to be directed towards the smaller sides , as the longer side was directly touching the temple. To achieve this the longer trusses were proposed to be an Arch beam, there by achieving additional structural strength.

Design /Analysis

Detailled Analysis of the structure was carried out with Internationally acknoledged FEM software. In absence of Local codes for Governing construction of Tensile membrane structures like canopy, awnings. British standards were followed to generate wind loads depending on geometry, height of structure, height from sea level, distance from sea, surface roughness, tropology, etc .

Once structure was analysed, the dimensional detailling of each individual structural members were carried out after STAAD analysis depending on the max. load generated in load combinations.Auto cadd 2011 was used for drafting purposes

Primary Structure

The primary structure was developed with hollow tubular sections, keeping Architectural asthetics in mind. The main supporting columns at the outer edges were fabricated from 300 dia x 8 mm ERW steel tubes.

The connecting beam Trusses( both long side, short side) were fabricated out of build up sections using Dia 115, Dia 90, Dia 60 mm C class ERW hollow pipes. The central ring for the each of the 2 cones wre supported by 4 radial struts, each having dia 165 X 6 mm. The junction box also houses the verticle mast supporting the Beil-Ring.( Dia 1200 mm)

Fabric details

The Ferrari 902 S , PVC coated type II fabric was patterned radially in all 36 parts , to absorb higher stresses towards the Ring center. the fabric was reinforced with another layer of 902S membrane patterned in a petal shape , which on final welding, generates shaded floral pattern.

For fixing the fabric edges to structural members extruded Aluminium profiles were used. Steel clamping plates were used to clamp 2 cones together at site before installation.


As aceess to the covered Tensile area was not available from temple site, 150 feet tall cranes were called for services from the highway end . The Installation was delayed thanks to post monsoon Rains on almost dailly. Hence it was very important to start installation on a fairly clear early morning & wrap up installation along with major pretensioning by evening.In about 5 hr. the membrane was erected at site successfully.

  • Initial ground
  • CAD structure proposed, rendered image,
  • Structural detailing, streel(ready painted structure)
  • Top ring detailing
  • Damroo etc
  • Cross bracing.
  • Installation stage wise images:
  • Fabric on floor,
  • Lifted by a crane
  • Ring 1 fitted
  • Ring 2 fitted.
  • Fabric being tensioned
  • Final views (3 views)
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