Servicing & Maintenance

Tensile fabric structures - canopy require very little maintenance as the membrane material is weather resistant and has a long life span. In order to increase its longevity and maintain the original form, one must avoid applications where the fabric might tear, get crushed under heavy tension or be punctured by sharp objects.

It is vital to be aware of the condition of the fabric at all times, as like any other material, the fabric can get damaged if not taken care of.

As part of our services, our annual tensile structure inspections include visual inspections that would aid us in discovering anomalies like

Tensile Membrane Fabric Structures
  • Torn fabric edges
  • Openings at the welds on the membrane fabric or peel off
  • Tears or loose threads at the sewing joints
  • Scratches on the fabric surfaces
  • Open cable threads or sharp edges

If any of these conditions arise, we would take immediate corrective actions and emergency repairs at the site.

Factors like location of the structure, design and the weather conditions also affect the health of the structure. Objects such as dried leaves, sand, organic materials and even insects get accumulated on the structure surface and can damage the fabric.

Our superior maintenance and service contracts will ensure beautiful designs with long lasting structures.

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